Taxiway D & B2 Repair – W-P AFB, OH


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The project consists of full depth replacement of Taxiway D and B2 as well as overlay of the short runways, details on each project below: Taxiway D & B2: Repair by replacement Taxiway D sections T11C and T28C between Taxiway B and Runway 05R- 23L, and Taxiway B1 sections T12C and T29C between Taxiway B and the East Ramp. Work includes excavation, subgrade and subbase work, full-depth concrete replacement, and increasing the width of the taxiways from 50' to 75'. Repair the underdrain system running parallel to the taxiways and re-connect the underdrains to the storm sewer system.


TITAN Role Site Safety & Health Officer (SSHO)
Client Anthony Allega Cement Contractor Inc.
Contract Price $13,770,342