Repair Bldg. 155 Quad B - Oahu, HI



This design-bid-build project for the repair and renovation of Building 155 in Schofield Barracks, Oahu, Hawaii. The first floor Battalion Headquarters will be repaired. Renovations include: Existing interior masonry shear walls, demolition of existing interior walls, concrete slab, replace failing HVAC, lighting, electrical, communication, fire alarm, and plumbing. Four new Arms Vaults will also be required on the first floor. Structural repairs for the entire building include: foundation upgrades, shear wall reinforcement and beams, columns, foundation strengthening are required to meet seismic code and facility category code upgrades from

former barracks use to administrative use on the second and third floors. The second and third floors will be repaired by incorporating functional required utility spaces of electrical, telecom and mechanical rooms. All existing exterior windows and doors will be replaced with blast resistant doors and windows. Repairs will include lighting, electrical, communication, fire alarm, and plumbing. Existing light fixtures and suspended ceilings will be repaired by replacement. Fire protection and mass notification systems/alarms will be repaired by replacement or installed to meet current Life Safety Code and base physical security requirements.

TITAN provided a Quality Control Manager to the project.


  • Procedures for tracking preparatory, initial, and follow-up control phases; control, verification, and acceptance tests including documentation
  • Coordination of project logistics, materials and equipment
  • Managing the day-to-day quality control activities
  • Kept designated personnel and management staff apprised of status of work
  • Ensured all reports were prepared and submitted in accordance with the QC Plan, including the Daily Quality Control Reports
  • Maintained all the project quality control files
  • Reported and logged any work not meeting Spec requirements
  • Recorded all data in QCS database


Project Type Government
TITAN Role Quality Control (QC) Manager
Client Bethel Contracting, LLC
Completion Date December 2018
Contract Price $24,122,400