Pre-Construction Plans

Titan, Consultants and Engineers, LLC

USACE/NAVFAC construction projects require numerous plans and paperwork. The TITAN team has proven experience in submitting pre-construction plans that will get you approved to proceed with the work. Our pre-construction planning services will ensure you meet your contract-required submittal deadlines so you can focus on subcontracts, buyouts, and production. These additional resources that TITAN can provide your team pay for themselves!

Our plans are custom-built from scratch. This allows us to build the plan the Government is looking for in your project. Our plans do not provide too much information or too little information. They provide exactly what your contract documents are asking for. This helps ensure that the plans are approved the first time and quickly. We have full-time pre-construction specialists on staff who put plans together and do nothing else! This allows you to have a quality custom-built plan as quickly as possible!

Let TITAN be your go-to source for quality personalized pre-construction services like the following:

  • Design Quality Control Plan (DQCP)
  • Accident Prevention Plan (APP)
  • Quality Control Plan (QCP)
  • Waste Management Plan (WMP)
  • Environmental Protection Plan (EPP)
  • Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA)


Step1: The Meeting: You will first be assigned a dedicated Pre-Construction Manager that will be your contact person throughout the submittal and approval process of your plans. We will go over you objectives and important information we will need to get started.

Step 2: Review of Contract Documents & Prime Contractor RFI: Your Pre-construction Manager will review your contract documents and begin building your project-specific plan from scratch. The Pre-Construction Manger will also email you a list of items they need from the Prime Contractor. These items will consist of your Key Personnel qualifications, equipment, key subcontractors, testing agencies, DFOW, and more.

Step 3: Plan Development: During this timeframe that we are waiting for you to compile the requested information in Step 2, we will start building the plan based off the information we do know and from our own experience.

Step 4: Final Preparations: After a few days, we will have finished our end of the plans, and hopefully will have received the requested information from you in Step 2. We will then conduct the final preparations for your plans.

Step 5: Plan Submission: Approximately 1-2 days after we have received all the information required in the plans, we will electronically submit the plans to you for submission to the Government.


Simply email us at, tell us about your project, and we will contact you with our rates within 1 business day!