Piping Plover Observers

Piping Plovers are small shorebirds found in three geographic locations in North America

These locations are: The Atlantic Cost, the Northern Great Plains, and the Great Lakes. Piping Plover species were listed as endangered or threatened in 1986. In recent years, the piping plover population has declined due to the increased in development, construction and dredging operations in their habitat. They have become a very important species for our environment because they typically feed on small insects and crustaceans along the coastlines. Keeping these other species in check allow our beaches and shoreline to be cleaner and free of invasive insects.

We train our environmental observers how to locate piping plovers, understand their native habitat, what they eat, their mating habits, and how to protect them during construction and dredging operations. Through TITAN University, we developed our Piping Plover course from scratch directly from our environmental manager’s experience and the state environmental permits. Our Ems will work closely with your field management team to ensure environmental compliance measures are met and that the piping plovers are protected with minimal impact to their environment and health.