NPE-3 & NSE-3 Closures – Pomeroy, WA



Adult Fishway Entrances NSE-3 and NPE-3 were permanently sealed with reinforced self-consolidating concrete at Lower Granite Dam. These openings are side entrances to the adult ladder that are no longer used. The two entrances are partially under water so it is expected these areas will require dewatering to facilitate installation of concrete steel reinforcement and concrete. The steel reinforcement and anchorage requirements will be provided by the Government.

Newalen, LLC removed and disposed of the existing composite concrete/steel bulkheads located at the NSE-3 and NPE-3 locations.

Newalen, LLC designed, fabricated and installed, removing two steel bulkheads necessary to dewater the NSE-3 and NPE-3 entrances using the Government provided load cases stated in the upcoming solicitation. The maximum head on the gates, due to concrete loading, is 28 feet. The opening the bulkheads are to be placed over is approximately 7 feet wide by 12 feet high. The bulkheads will consist of bolted connections (no weld connections) and the Contractor is responsible for anchoring the bulkheads to the entrances using divers.

TITAN provided a Quality Control Manager to the project.


  • Procedures for tracking preparatory, initial, and follow-up control phases; control, verification, and acceptance tests including documentation
  • Coordination of project logistics, materials and equipment
  • Managing the day-to-day quality control activities
  • Kept designated personnel and management staff apprised of status of work
  • Ensured all reports were prepared and submitted in accordance with the QC Plan, including the Daily Quality Control Reports
  • Maintained all the project quality control files
  • Reported and logged any work not meeting Spec requirements
  • Recorded all data in QCS database


Project Type Government
TITAN Role Quality Control (QC) Manager
Client Newalen, LLC
Completion Date April 2018
Contract Value $475K