Implementing Environmental Compliance since 2013

Almost every construction project impacts the environment

As the prime contractor, you are required by state and federal regulations to ensure that your operations do not negatively impact the environment. As such, you may be required to have endangered species observers on your project during production. These specialized individuals are trained to locate, protect, and possibly rescue the endangered species from injury, death, or loss of home in their natural environment.

TITAN has specialized endangered species observers that specialize in federal and state government construction, along with having developed a thorough understanding of endangered species habits, environment, and what to do if an endangered species is found on your construction site.

TITAN is proUd to provide the following specialized Environmental Managers to supplement your field office staff:

  • Sea Turtle Monitor
  • Eastern Indigo Snake Observer

Through TITAN University, we train all our Environmental Managers all the latest advancements and regulations on the endangered species. We will be onsite at all times during production ensuring contract compliance and that the environment is protected.