Dam Rehab – Center Hill, TN



Construction began in 2008 with a significant foundation grouting effort at the main dam embankment and left rim. Foundation grouting is pumping a flowable concrete into the foundation to stabilize the area. The intent of grouting was to make the dam safer by filling voids in the foundation and to prepare the ground to allow a deep foundation barrier wall to be safely built with the standard slurry method. The grouting program also provided valuable information on the extent of rock solution features to facilitate the design depth and extent of the subsequent barrier wall. The grouting contract totaled approximately $107M and was completed in 2010 by Advanced Construction Techniques. The main dam embankment concrete barrier wall contract was subsequently begun in 2012. Constructed by Bauer Foundation Corporation for $122M, the foundation barrier wall was substantially complete in July 2015. The 2.5’ thick concrete barrier extends as much as 307’ below the top of the dam through the embankment and the karst foundation, ending in more competent, solid rock. The concrete barrier wall is the permanent seepage barrier protection for the main embankment.

TITAN provided SSHO Services to the project.


  • Maintained MSDS to ensure no hazardous items were brought onto jobsite
  • Enforced USACE EM 385-1-1 and held the project to OSHA standards
  • Maintained MSDS to ensure no hazardous items were brought onto jobsite
  • Managed all phases of safety control
  • Conducted daily safety inspections
  • Conducted daily safety briefings and weekly toolbox talks
  • Kept list of deficient safety items and maintained list until all safety deficiencies were addressed
  • Coordinated with Government QA onsite for all safety items
  • Ensured public safety with additional warning signs and barriers
  • Maintained OSHA 300 Form and Daily Production reports
  • Kept photo logs of all safety issues
  • Attended pre-construction conference, pre-work meetings including preparatory inspection meeting, and periodic in-progress meetings
  • Enforced accepted APPS and AHAs
  • Spoke to local businesses and discussed safety issues with their patrons with our current operations


Project Type Government
TITAN Role Site Safety & Health Officer (SSHO)
Client Thalle Construction
Contract Price $42,972,545