Beach Nourishment – Peck Beach, NJ



The tight channel was challenging, especially with large dredging materials and vessels. Southwind used hydraulic dredging to pump the materials out of the shallow lagoons through a pipeline to a disposal facility, known as Site 83, off Roosevelt Boulevard.

Southwind has a $2.1 million contract, but about 61 percent of that will be covered by state grants, because that proportion of the project area covers waters under state jurisdiction, Bergen said.

ACT Engineers inspector Juan Cruz said, “The guys have been doing this project since September,”. Cruz, whose company serves as Ocean City’ dredging consultant.

“I hope people can be happy with the end result,” Cruz said with a smile. “They will have a clean bay without all of the mud.”

TITAN Provided Quality Control Manager and SSHO


Project Type Government
TITAN Role Site Safety & Health Officer (SSHO) & Quality Control (QC) Manager
Client Southwind Construction
Completion Date November 2018
Contract Value $2.1M


  • Procedures for tracking preparatory, initial, and follow-up control phases; control, verification, and acceptance tests including documentation
  • Coordination of project logistics, materials and equipment
  • Managing the day-to-day quality control activities
  • Kept designated personnel and management staff apprised of status of work
  • Ensured all reports were prepared and submitted in accordance with the QC Plan, including the Daily Quality Control Reports
  • Maintained all the project quality control files
  • Reported and logged any work not meeting Spec requirements
  • Recorded all data in QCS database


  • Maintained MSDS to ensure no hazardous items were brought onto jobsite
  • Enforced USACE EM 385-1-1 and held the project to OSHA standards
  • Maintained MSDS to ensure no hazardous items were brought onto jobsite
  • Managed all phases of safety control
  • Conducted daily safety inspections
  • Conducted daily safety briefings and weekly toolbox talks
  • Kept list of deficient safety items and maintained list until all safety deficiencies were addressed
  • Coordinated with USACE QA on site all safety items
  • Ensured public safety with additional warning signs and barriers
  • Maintained OSHA 300 Form and Daily Production reports
  • Kept photo logs of all safety issues
  • Attended pre-construction conference, pre-work meetings including preparatory inspection meeting, and periodic in-progress meetings
  • Enforced accepted APPS and AHAs
  • Spoke to local businesses and discussed safety issues with their patrons with our current operations